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Graphic Mounting & Finishing Service in Croydon, London / Surrey

Mounting & Finishing of Graphic Displays

To complement our printing services we also have our own in-house mounting and finishing section

Here we can mount prints and posters onto a variety of materials such as those shown below, laminating the front if necessary with a gloss, satin, or anti-scratch seal or an anti-grafitti laminate for outdoor use.

Prints up to 1.5m x 3m can be mounted and laminated in one section. If you are unsure which material to use contact us and we can advise which will be best suited to your needs

Poliboard Poliboard
Thickness: 5mm and 10mm
Available sheet size: 8ft x 4ft
A lightweight foam centred board for exhibition panels, point of sale and display.
Forex Foamex
Thickness: 3mm, 5mm and 10mm
Available sheet size: 8ft x 4ft and 10ft x 5ft
Foamex is a hardwearing, rigid PVC material suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
Ideally suited for long term usage, public areas and exteriors, signs and graphics.
Dibond Kappa Corex Dibond
Aluminium composite material, ideally suited for long term outdoor use.
Please contact us for sizes available.
Ideal choice for cost effective short term use -  for example estate agent signs.
Thickness: 5mm and 10mm
Available sheet size: 5mm and 10mm
An alternative to Poliboard, it is grey centred and more rigid, giving a lightweight flat finish with an added bonus of a fire rating.
Acrylic Display Panel with Wall Fitting Acrylic Display panels
A smart and modern look to displaying graphics and signs. The image is applied to the reverse of the Acrylic giving a very high contrast glossy look. The edges can be flame polished and holes drilled ready for fixing. Fittings supplied if required.
Forex Smart Forex Smart
Thickness: 5mm and 10mm
Available sheet size: 8ft x 4ft and 10ft x 5ft
A very lightweight and rigid material, ideal for interior graphics and exhibition panels.
Silhouette PVC Silhouette PVC
Thickness: 3mm 5mm and 10mm
Available sheet size: 8ft x 4ft
An alternative to Foamex which uses recycled PVC. The black, recycled material has a thin white layer to which the printed graphic is applied to give it the correct look and finish.
Ultraboard Ultra Board R
Thickness: 10mm, 18mm and 36mm
available sheet size: 1.2m x 1m and 2.4m x 1m
A rigid display board made from 100% recycled paper, it is recyclable and biodegradeable.
A very good eco alternative for display panels, shop display and point of sale.
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